The Platform

Select Bytes, the makers of ALLmessages, provides a wide range of professional services to get you started and help you generate results quickly.

Services include designing and implementing online marketing strategies, multichannel campaigns, email and landing pages, mobile optimised responsive websites, social media pages, branding and customer engagement campaigns and more.

If you thought that email is dead, think again. While the email blasting is becoming a liability for most organisations, the intelligent email, triggered by user events proves to be a real asset.

ALLmessages helps you integrate your messages in multichannel, user driven campaigns, measure the results and optimise each individual user experience. User triggered emails result is better deliverability, fewer unsubscribes and better conversion.

ALLmessages provides interfaces with the social media channels to let you easily integrate them in to your online marketing strategy

Landing Pages & Forms

Create and maintain landing pages and forms easily. Generate and nurture leads. Use custom fields for market segmentation. Measure conversion rates.

Leads, Contacts, Market Segmentation

The online buying process is these days client driven. Your sales depend on building and maintaining an accurate buyer persona which in turn relies on quality information collected during their interaction with you and the marketing content provided.

ALLmessages lets you build and personalise your leads as well as measure user behaviour

Marketing Automation

When it comes to integrating multiple channels or responding to user behaviour let ALLmessages marketing automation facilities manage the entire process accurately, effortlessly, in a clear measurable way.

The marketing automation facilities in Allmessages let you build demand generation and nurturing campaigns, move the lead through the funnel by introducing your products and services, engage with the client to build trust and provide a better level of customer service.


Online marketing is a numbers game. Measuring results and comparing them with your goals is one of the main objectives of the marketing process. The analytics in ALLmessages provide various ways of looking at the data collected so you can make the right adjustments to your campaigns and provide the sales team with qualified leads ready to buy.