About Us

ALLmessages is a lead generation, nurturing and marketing automation platform designed and developed by Select Bytes.

Select Bytes started in 1998 in Sydney as a software design and development boutique specialising in online recruitment and CRM solutions.

Our first product, u-recruit, a web based applicant tracking system, was released in 2000 in an emerging B2B market in Australia. Over the years, the product was provided as a SaaS (software as a service) solution to a number of Australian and overseas corporate and agency clients: MSD Australia, Simplot Australia, Wyeth Australia, Sheridan, TR Corporation, Hilton, Linatex, Lister-Charles, West-One, Cynergy Recruitment, Landmark, etc.

Soon after, in 2002, Select Bytes released a new SaaS solution – iMem – targeting to the CRM (customer relationship management) market. The product was initially designed for membership based organisations in Sydney but expanded quickly with various modules for affiliate marketing, event management, eCommerce, property development and more.

The most recent addition to our product range – allmessages.com – released in 2009, follows in and adds to the direct marketing solutions path adopted by the company in the early stages.

While the systems form the foundation of our operation, every customer comes in with their own set of requirements. Our team strives to deliver individual solutions that match and exceed customer’s expectations.